Hot Dog… The Movie (Unrated Producer’s Cut) (1984) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Hot Dog… The Movie (Unrated Producer’s Cut) (1984) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Hot Dog… The Movie (Unrated Producer’s Cut) (1984) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Hot Dog… The Movie (Unrated Producer’s Cut) (1984) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Peter Markle
Starring: David Naughton, Tracy Smith, James Saito

Harkin Banks (Patrick Houser) is an American hot-dogger who enters a winter skiing competition and goes pole-to-pole with Rudi (John Patrick Reger), an arrogant Austrian pro who will do anything to win! As Harkin’s “Rat Pack” and Rudi’s “Rudettes” battle on and off the slopes, Rudi’s ultra-sexy ex-girlfriend (Shannon Tweed, Playboy’s 1982 Playmate of the Year) sets her sights on Harkin with a few “pointers” of her own. Culminating in a final and dangerous “Chinese Downhill” race, only one will be victorious!

Hot Dog The Movie is a T and A filled teen comedy that came out in 1984 but I never have actually seen it until this release from Synapse Films. It pits a kind-hearted skater and his buddies against a stuck-up German skater and his pals. It also tosses in some conflict regarding some hot blondes that don’t mind getting naked during the movie to add on to it. So, basically, it’s your usual boobs-filled 80’s R-rated teen comedy, but this one does manage to have a charm to it. And some very weird and gimmick-filled characters. One of which is being played by none other than David Naughton of An American Werewolf in London fame! And one of those hot blondes I told you about that get naked in this? She’s none other than Shannon Tweed! So, yes, if you are just wanting to check this one out based solely on the “assets” it has to offer, then you should be more than happy with what you get because her and some other hot women from the year of our lord 1984 is here and all about showing the characters and the audience watching this a good time.

There’s a light turn on drama and high turn on comedy here in Hot Dog. Nobody ever really feels in danger and the slight lover’s corral with our lead and his lady friend is probably the tensest thing in this one ever gets. But it was fun and I laughed more than once. It also helps that Synapse gives us this movie with an amazing looking 4K scan! After I saw this movie I called a friend of mine who just so happened to have an old DVD of this. We compared and the difference is a heck of a difference. This looks and sounds amazing. If you liked it before you’ll like it even more now. If you just want something to see that you might not have seen before, this one is pretty solid and totally harmless. It’s a fun time.


  • BRAND NEW 4K RESTORATION of the producer’s uncut version from the recently discovered original 35mm camera negative
  • NEW DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround sound mix (Original 2.0 theatrical mono mix also included)
  • HOT DOG: THE DOCUMENTARY – An all-new 50 minute featurette including new interviews with director Peter Markle, co-producer/writer Mike Marvin, and cast members David Naughton, Tracy Smith, John Patrick Reger and Frank Koppala
  • Audio commentary with co-producer/writer Mike Marvin
  • Original theatrical trailer, TV spot, radio spots, and music video!
  • Liner notes by TEEN MOVIE HELL author, Mike McPadden

Quality of Transfer: 98%

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