Interview with BROIL Director Edward Drake!

Interview with BROIL Director Edward Drake!

Interview with BROIL Director Edward Drake!

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On October 13th Well Go USA will release BROIL to Blu-ray and Digital. Below, you will find the synopsis as well as our quick questionnaire with the director, Edward Drake.


After a violent incident with a school nemesis, 17-year-old Chance Sinclair (Avery Konrad) is sent to live with her draconian grandfather (Timothy V. Murphy) at his lavish estate, where she soon uncovers a dangerous ancient family secret. Suddenly caught between warring factions of the family, her only hope for survival may well come from a killer-for-hire (Jonathan Lipnicki) with a fortuitous stroke of culinary genius.

01: What would you say was your biggest inspiration on this film? Family trauma. 

02: What was the filming experience like? Cathartic. 

03: Is there anything you’d like a viewer to take away from the movie? Don’t keep secrets from your family. 

04: How did you go about casting? I asked Timothy V. Murphy to play August Sinclair. As soon as he said yes, we had our pick of talent. Most actors know he’s one of the best working dramatists working today. Avery Konrad was a fantastic discovery, from the second I saw her self-tape I knew she had the perfect level of arrogant-cheekiness to play Chance Sinclair. How did we get Jonathan Lipnicki? It was a week before shooting and we still didn’t have our Syd. I was trading emails with an agent, and I looked at her roster and discovered she represented Lipnicki. I said “hey, I’ve never seen him play a serial-killer chef on the spectrum, what’s he doing these days?” And the rest is history. We lucked out with our cast, I’m so grateful for everyone’s efforts.

05: How would you compare your experience making Broil to other films you’ve done or worked on? It was slightly more therapeutic than the last British Airways commercial I did, but not as intense as the 

06: What directors are your biggest inspiration? Ridley Scott, Keith Schofield, Katheryn Bigalow, and Martin De Thurah. 

07: What would be a dream project for you? A blank cheque to tell the Battle of Trafalgar.

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