Jeffrey (1995) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Jeffrey (1995) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Jeffrey (1995) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Jeffrey (1995) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Christopher Ashley
STARRING: Steven Weber, Patrick Stewart, Michael T. Weiss

Meet Jeffrey (Steven Weber, Wings), a struggling actor in the New York scene who has just made the biggest decision of his life: he’s swearing off sex … forever! No sooner has he made this startling vow than he meets the dreamy and sensitive Steve (Michael T. Weiss, The Pretender). With the help of his friends Sterling (Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Darius (Bryan Batt, Mad Men), Jeffrey decides to give love a second shot. But some unexpected news puts Jeffrey in a bind, forcing him to decide if he should take a risk on what could be the love of his life.

Jeffrey doesn’t just tell the story of a gay man, but it tells the story of a gay man who falls in love with another man who just so happens to have HIV. These days that would be a bad situation (not as bad nowadays as it was) but for 1995 that whole issue makes for a very groundbreaking story. Now, it’s not Philadelphia in quality by any means, but the story it tells here is interesting enough and it does have enough to funny moments to almost get a solid pass by most folks. The acting is good enough but might be a little too much on the stereotype department for most to be comfortable with now. Still, if you can not get yourself too worked up over it you’ll find a funny and harmless enough film. It has heart at times as well, but might be funny so much that it kind of fades out the meaning and the real punch of the film’s more serious moments.

While the stereotypes could be an issue for some, you got to give credit to Patrick Stewart who co-stars as a decorator. He is hilarious in the role and might actually be the best part of the movie overall. This is a very character driven story and he is certainly a character that stands out. The movie is also shot in a few creative ways that play to the at times overly comedic tone of the movie. This is probably the part of the movie I have the most issue with as when it gets goofy it can get a little too goofy. Still, the story has meaning and is solid enough. Shout Select (to no surprise) does a fine job on this release. They also add in some new interviews and an audio commentary on the extras.


– NEW Audio Commentary With Actor Steven Weber And Film Critic/Author Alonso Duralde
– NEW Interview With Steven Weber
– NEW Interview With Producer Mark Balsam
– Original Theatrical Trailer
– Still Gallery

Quality of Transfer: 93%

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