Malevolence (2003) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Malevolence (2003) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Malevolence (2003) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

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Malevolence (2003) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)
DIRECTED BY: Stevan Mena
STARRING: R. Brandon Johnson, Samantha Dark, Heather Magee

It’s ten years after the kidnapping of Martin Bristol. Taken from a backyard swing at his home at the age of six, he is forced to witness unspeakable crimes of a deranged madman. For years, Martin’s whereabouts have remained a mystery…until now.

Malevolence is a slasher from 2003 that might just have a little more plot to it than you are used to when it comes to slashers. Heck, you might say the movie has a little too much going on for a slasher, but seeing as how this movie is now part of a trilogy I think we’ll let that slide. Here we see something on the screen about a boy being kidnapped in 1989. We get a small sample of that whole ordeal before we see what might be four of the worst robbers ever nearly both a robbery. One of them ends up having to kidnap a kid and her mom and a string of events leads everyone to a house in the middle of nowhere where we have a big dude killing people off. He even manages to snatch a sack to wear on his head at one point turning this thing into a movie that reminds you a lot of Friday the 13th part 2 at times. Still, with everything going on you can’t really be bored with what’s going on and when someone is killed it is usually pretty brutal.

Not so much on the effects side, but the simple gore works here regardless. The story is also interesting in my opinion since we have characters that seem just developed enough on the screen that you tend to actually care a little bit about them. That’s a heck of a concept for a slasher and in 2002 that was something you rarely ever really got a chance to see done and done correctly. I know if you line up all three of the Malevolence movies this is actually the second in the trilogy regardless of actually coming out first. When the Blu-rays of all three were announced people were pretty happy about that and that should tell you a thing or two about how well these movies can be regarded. For the record, you get a solid movie here with perhaps some typical stuff but the story makes up for it. The Blu-ray looks better than I assumed it would and has a transfer that only adds to the overall vibe of the movie. You also get some cool extras that I shall list below. If you’ve not seen Malevolence yet, I think you should at least check it out.


– BRAND NEW TRANSFER FROM THE 35MM NEGATIVE, supervised by Director Stevan Mena and Cinematographer Tsuyoshi Kimoto
– Audio Commentary by Stevan Mena and Brandon Johnson
– Stills Gallery
– Trailers, TV & Radio Spots
– Leatherface Speaks
– Rehearsal Footage
– Back to the Slaughterhouse Featurette
– The Dark Side of Horror with Samantha Dark Featurette
– Deleted Scenes

Quality of Transfer: 92%

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