Mon Mon Mon Monsters! (2017) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Mon Mon Mon Monsters! (2017) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Mon Mon Mon Monsters! (2017) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Mon Mon Mon Monsters! (2017) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
Starring: Yu-Kai Teng, Kent Tsai, Carolyn Chen

A bullied boy and his tormentors discover a creature while doing school-mandated community service. Claiming her for their own, the group of kids keep the creature captive, revealing the monster within themselves as her ferocious sister scours the city in search of her missing sibling.

We have monsters eating people in the foreign Mon Mon Monsters! This is a recent one from Shudder and up until this point I’d say that they had knocked every release of theirs out of the park. This one starts out alright at first. We see a pair of demonic-monster sisters eating a bum and it seems that they are pretty much fond of one another. This then leads to a kid who’s bullied at school, but he soon teams up with these jerks to try to get accepted and they end up kidnapping one of the monsters, torturing it, and he then tries his best to keep it alive and keep from being killed by his new jerk friends or the sister to the monster they have. It makes you wonder just who the real monsters are, which I’m sure is the point. It also doesn’t really do much to grab your attention outside of tossing in some cool looking monsters.

It’s a movie that has solid scenes in it here and there, I’ll give it that. It even tosses some blood in our direction, which is also another plus. The thing is, not much of anything really seems to happen in between those moments to make you really care about what you are seeing. And if someone isn’t being killed or tortured on the screen you tend to just tune out of everything else from time to time. It could have been great but with this being the case it just ends up sort of being “okay” at best. I wasn’t fond of the way the plot moves along nor was I really a fan of any of the characters or cast in this one. It might not be out-right horrible, but from what I’ve seen it at least seems to easily be the worst of the Shudder movies out there.


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Quality of Transfer: 97%

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