Mondo Balordo (1964) (Blu-ray Review)

Mondo Balordo (1964) (Blu-ray Review)

Mondo Balordo (1964) (Blu-ray Review)

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Mondo Balordo (1964) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Roberto Bianchi Montero, Albert T. Viola
Starring: Boris Karloff, Federico Boido, Franz Drago
Rated: UR/Region: O/1.66/Number of discs: 1
Available from Severin Films

In one of the most infamous Mondo movies of all, host Boris Karloff guides you through a world “throbbing and pulsing with love, from the jungle orgies of primitive tribes to sin-filled evenings of the London sophisticate.” Along the way, you’ll also experience Bedouin pimps, amorous dwarves, Spanish transvestites, German lesbians, Indian exorcists, Neapolitan cigarette smugglers, and Chinese bondage models, now scanned in 4k from the original negative.

Coming from the ranks of the Something Weird world and here on Blu-ray now from the folks over at Severin Films, we have Mondo Balordo. A strange Mondo movie that stands out here a bit more just because it is narrated by none other than Boris Karloff. I’m also a little mixed in such films unless dealing with a subject primarily. I’m a fan of such things as Faces of Death in some regards, but a movie like this just deals with lots of random and weird subjects and things. Some of which are sexual and others which are not. But all of it is weird none the less. I mean we have a lot of little sketches here. Too many to really name. But if you want just a sample of what you’ll be witnessing if you see this it goes from the subject matter of an eye deficiency to cults, to Hong Kong nightclubs, and much much more! They really went out of their way to put a little bit of everything strange in this one and I’m shocked by a lot of it even if I’m not really the type of person who will be seeking such things out.

It’s a bit odd hearing someone like Boris Karloff narrates stuff like this, but from what I gather this movie was made in 1964, and his narration was added in 1967 for the American release. Does it make the movie any better? No, I’d say not, but it’s something to have the horror legend lending anything to this one in general. As it stands, the voice of Boris Karloff is probably the best part of this Mondo Cane clone. But it does come to us with a 4K scan, so as weird and nasty as things might get on the screen, it is at least all coming to us in the best possible form. In the extras here, we have one thing and that’s another Mondo movie called The Orientals from 1960. It’s a six-parter and deals with more weird Mondo subjects but all deal with aspects of women’s emancipation in the East. I’ll be honest, this Mondo stuff is a little bit too weird for me.


  • The Orientals – 1960 Italian Mondo, scanned from 35mm print from the Something Weird archives.

Quality of Transfer: 88%

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