Next of Kin (1982) (Umbrella Entertainment BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Next of Kin (1982) (Umbrella Entertainment BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Next of Kin (1982) (Umbrella Entertainment BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Next of Kin (1982) (Umbrella Entertainment BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Tony Williams
STARRING: Jacki Kerin, John Jarratt, Alex Scott
AVAILABLE FROM Umbrella Entertainment

All night she hears a voice that whispers slowly from somewhere deep in the back of her mind. Taps turn themselves on and off. Candles light without a flame being put to them, And just last night she found the corpse of an old man in her bath. The house is called Montclair and something evil lives there.

If you ever wanted to see a horror film that keeps a creepy vibe in it from start to finish you need to see the Ozploitation classic, Next of Kin. Our leading lady has just been left a house and almost from the jump creepy stuff starts happening to her and other people there. Soon her lover arrives, but the longer she’s in this house the more weird and spooky things get. It would be true to call Next of Kin a slow burning movie. But you can’t deny and overload the atmosphere and mood that the movie packs. If you have one issue that might linger of this one it could be that we keep waiting for answers and a payoff to what all is going down and I’m not totally on board with the resolution to everything we see. It makes for a pretty tense and horror filled finale, but I’m not sure the carpet matches the drapes in this case as all the spooky gloom builds up to something I probably wasn’t expecting. But if nothing else, it makes sure this one has some re-watch value and it certainly has that to it.

Umbrella is probably the perfect company to bring Next of Kin to Blu-ray from one-time director Tony Williams. The movie looks great here in HD and it even dives deep into the extras area to give you some great feature like an extended Not Quite Hollywood segment over the film and short films from the director as well. Also, for anyone wondering, yes this disc will play in your American players (and any players for that matter) if you aren’t in Australia and want to import this somewhat obscure horror thriller into your collection. There’s a lot of good visuals and ideas used in this movie and I do think anyone who can deal with slower moving films needs to give it a watch.


– Audio commentary with Director Tony Willams and Producer Tim White
– Audio commentary with cast members John Jarratt, Jackie Kerrin, Robert Ratti and Not Quite Hollywood Director, Mark Hartley.
– Return to Montclare: Next of Kin Shooting locations revisited
– Extended interviews from Not Quite Hollywood
– Deleted Scenes
– Original Theatrical Trailer
– VHS Trailer
– German Trailer
– German Opening Credits
– Before the Night is Out – Complete ballroom dancing footage from 1978
– Image Gallery
– Tony Williams shorts from 1971: Getting Together + The Day We Landed on the Most Perfect Planet in the Universe


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