Rampant (2018) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Rampant (2018) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Rampant (2018) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

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Rampant (2018) (Blu-ray/DVD Review)
DIRECTED BY: Sung-hoon Kim
STARRING: Hyun Bin, Jang Dong-gun

A darkness looms over ancient Korea: murderous creatures known as Night Demons have overrun the country. Returning from a long imprisonment abroad, Prince Ganglim discovers that it will take the strength of his entire kingdom to stop the bloody rampage spreading across the nation in this fresh new take on zombie horror from the studios that brought you Train to Busan.

Take the style of a Kung-fu movie like Hero or House of Flying Daggers, remove all the jumping around and add more violence with some zombies on top and you have what (more or less) is Rampant. The cover says it’s like Game of Thrones in some ways, but only slightly. The big thing here outside of some throne style betrayal early on is everyone doing battle with zombies. Only they aren’t called zombies here, they are called demons. Which is a nice touch for two reasons, one being you should never call zombies the Z-word in a zombie movie and the other being why would anyone in this time period be calling them zombies anyway? Anyway, you get blood and you get action with this one. That makes it where you also have a good time with it. I wouldn’t by any means call it a perfect zombie movie (or even an infected one), but the film does at least take a different stance on the topic and I can appreciate it.

Yes, this is also from the same studio and label that brought you Train to Busan. A fact that the promotion for this one seems to want to mention a whole heck of a lot. That all being said, this movie isn’t really on that Train to Busan level and that’s even with a similar subject matter. You probably don’t want to head into this one expecting THAT level of a movie. But if you are looking for a pretty interesting horror and action hybrid that if nothing else at least isn’t dull, then you might want to give Rampant a shot. Being different can make a difference and it is ultimately what drives this one home here.


– Original trailers
– Optional English subtitles for the main feature


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