Root Of Darkness (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

Root Of Darkness (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

Root Of Darkness (2015) (DVD REVIEW)

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Root Of Darkness (2015) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Gustav Ljungdahl
STARRING: Jesper Danielsson

Erland is about to celebrate his 50th birthday. His wife Greta has invited some friends over to their newly purchased cabin in the woods for a party, but he’s not particularly looking forward to it… some of the guests are relatives of hers that he’s not especially fond of. But the day before the party, he falls down an old, dried-up well and finds a box containing some ancient artifacts, artifacts of evil that will change his life and the world forever.

Well, this one is probably one of the more strange movies I’ve run across in a while. I’m not sure I’d call it a masterpiece or anything like that, but it keeps your attention and tosses some very weird things at you from start to finish. We kick things off in the medieval days before we go to the current time. Then the next thing you know we have weird stuff happening in the woods with our lead (in a Knight costume) and friends doing battle with some weird monster that probably was made out of plastic bags but that’s neither here nor there because it still is entertaining. We also get some strange effects that might not always have the best blood behind it but it looks nasty and the movie has a way of making you feel dirty for watching it.

This is a movie that probably won’t be down everyone’s alley but if you like weird foreign films like Violent Shit you will probably be able to enjoy what you get tossed at you here. This is a movie that I think you could say is in the same ballpark as those but it doesn’t have as much blood naturally, but it does pop up some effects that are along those lines and might even top it in spots. The creative side of this one is what will be the selling point for it. And if you don’t care for it too much, at least the disc has two other bonus movies on it for you to give a watch to as well.


– English subtitles
– Commentary tracks
– Trailers
– Behind the Scenes
– Making of
– 2 disc set with 2 Bonus Rare, Gore-Filled, Full-Length Motion Pictures
“Die Zombiejäger” – A trio of elite German commandos takes on the toughest assignment of their lives. What is turning the residents of Gothenburg, Sweden, into bloodthirsty zombies who have transformed the entire city into a scene of carnage?
“Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer” – A ruthless contract killer is hired by a crime boss from Gothenburg, but everything goes wrong. Dragonetti becomes possessed and the murders begin.

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