Superstition (1982) (Blu-ray Review)

Superstition (1982) (Blu-ray Review)

Superstition (1982) (Blu-ray Review)

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Superstition (1982) (Blu-ray Review)
DIRECTED BY: James W. Roberson
STARRING: James Houghton, Albert Salmi, Lynn Carlin

Something horrible is happening at the old house on Mill Road. A series of ghastly accidents has occurred near the site where a witch drowned centuries earlier. But when an alcoholic minister and his family move into the cursed residence, an idealistic young priest (James Houghton) and a cynical police detective (Albert Salmi) start their own investigation into the unexplained violence. Has the daughter of Satan returned for a rampage of vengeance? Will the laws of the Church be strong enough to cast out this demon? And if evil has truly found a new home, is the entire neighborhood headed straight to hell?

So some people move into a creepy old house and encounter a witch problem in the movie Superstition. A movie released in 1985 but was actually made originally in 1982. It even spent some time on the old UK video nasties list before getting around the folks there under its original title, The Witch. None the less, the movie is pretty creepy if I do say so myself and the only thing that even holds it down is the odd pacing it can have from time to time. Other times it’s a priest and his pals trying to figure out why people keep disappearing around this creepy house. And before you can even question why someone would buy it and move into it, even more, weird things start to happen and soon even more people are dropping in the movie. This is a movie with some unpredictable ways about it and that’s a good thing.

This one also has some very nice gore. There’s a reason why this was once a video nasty and here it’s uncut and in HD so you get all of that red stuff you want and then some. It even turns into a pretty good mystery before our evil being of the film shows themselves and gives us a crazy and kind of chilling finale. You just never know who’s safe in this one. That could be because it’s just unpredictable and it could also be because some characters are often times so undeveloped here that you can’t really tell if they are important or not. Still, at the end of the day, if you want a legit scary movie that has blood and a creepy vibe all around it, Superstition is a good a choice as any. It looks good here, even if at times it’s a little grainy, but that really adds to the mood.


– NEW 2K Scan From The Original Film Elements
– NEW That Crazy Witchcraft – An Interview With Director James Roberson
– NEW Lake Of Fire – An Interview With Actor James Houghton
– Original Theatrical Trailer
– Original TV Spot

Quality of Transfer: 91%

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