Taking a Look at WWE Retro Series 7 Figures

Taking a Look at WWE Retro Series 7 Figures

Taking a Look at WWE Retro Series 7 Figures

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I’m happy that in 2019 we will see the return of WWE Retro figures to the shelves at Walmart. Mainly because now somebody might actually be able to find them in-store now. The line had been missing from Wally World since series 2 and it’s bee a treasure hunt trying to locate series 4-6 (series 3 was at Targets and GameStop). And I know, I know, you can order them online but they seem to be a lot cheaper if found in the wild.

So series 7 offers up four new figures and let’s dive right into them here! I’ll also mention that I didn’t take pics of the figures in the packages. I did shoot video of that and I’m saving it for a video review that is coming soon along with a look at the Retro Ring.


Perhaps the best figure overall here is Chris Jericho. Y2J recently left WWE for AEW and many folks were a bit worried this figure would be harder to find because of it. I’ve not seen any shortage of Jericho at Walmart, but I do think it’s the coolest looking one here and does have his scarf that CAN actually be removed but it takes a bit of work. He does the “clothesline/punch” action that was on the classic Hasbro line. Sadly, when it comes to that action Mattel seems to be wanting to overuse it if you take a peek at the next line coming.


HKB sadly gets the dishonor of being the worst looking figure here. I know that they tend to go for a more cartoon-ish look with the retros, but this looks pretty bad. I THINK they were going for the short-lived nWo era Shawn when the nWo was in WWE, but then the outfit and such wouldn’t really match that either. He does the “kick” action that’s a new action that Mattel started, but his kick goes backward to mimic his Sweet Chin Music Superkick. The springs in the legs, however, can be a pain when you just want them to stand and the leg is trying to poke out (or in this case back).


This is my first Kurt figure since he returned to WWE and if you take into account the Stone Cold, The Rock, Kane, Mankind, and Triple H retros we’ve already seen (all from series 2) this one fits right into the little Attitude Era mix they have going on. He looks really good (and a little crazy which is 100% Kurt and accurate) and has a cool “slam” action that is again a new school action from Mattel. It really fits Kurt well. My only issue at all is his outfit here kind of makes him look like a new school American Gladiator figure rather than what he is. I mean the look is accurate, but perhaps they needed to stretch the stars and stripes a little wider here? (I know, I know, that’s picky)


Rounding out the set here is Sheamus! His headscan is right on par with how he looks and I have no issue at all with that. He’s got the “kick” action which fits well with his finisher, but I do think the kicking stuff makes these figures look a little disjointed. I would complain more but if you think back to the old Hasbros you could say the same for such figures as IRS and basically any figure with a jump action. I guess being a kid then nobody cared and being an adult now we ignore that due to nostalgia but tend to get a little picky with the new stuff. Either way, Sheamus is fine for a retro style figure here but does have the same wacky leg issue that figures like Shawn with the same action have.

Now, with all that being said…Bring on series 8!

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