The 10 Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2018

The 10 Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2018

The 10 Best and Worst Horror Movies of 2018

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Ah yes, we are once again at the year’s end and with that comes a look back at the year that was, or at least the movies that was. It’s time to take a look at both the 10 worst and best horror movies of 2018 as far as I’m concerned.

And before we get started here, no, Heredity won’t be on either list. I liked it overall but wasn’t crazy about it as everyone else seems to be. While enjoyable, I found it way too jumbled up and smashed together plot-wise for me to put it on the list. Now here’s the worst and best with some honorable and dishonorable mentions.


Dishonorable Mentions

The Nun
Do you know what the problem with The Nun was? Well, besides the fact it’s just your typical jumpscares movie? It was just boring.

Truth or Dare (The Blumhouse One)
If you’ve seen this one, then I don’t think I have to really give a reason.

10: Day of the Dead: Bloodline

What’s worse than yet another take on Romero’s classic? Doing it making a mess of the best zombie ever.

09: All the Creature Were Stirring

Look, we all love the Shock Waves podcast, but that doesn’t give anyone a pass for this mess.

08: Red Eye

It’s good to have a lot of heart when making a movie. It’s even better to have a good plot.

07: Deep Blue Sea 2

Nobody needed Deep Blue Sea 2 and from the looks of this nobody in it wanted to make it.

06: Lake Placid: Legacy

See the above reason and add in “Nobody needed yet another Lake Placid movie”.

05: Cannibal Farm

Not only did it rip off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it ripped off the quality of the last couple films as well.

04: Death House

If you ever wanted to know what would happen if some of the biggest horror legends ever made a movie together you now have your answer…It would make a big ol’ mess.

03: The Row

How bad must Lyoto Machida have knocked out Randy Couture in 2011 for him to think this movie was a good idea?

02: Slender Man

The only harm The Slender Man can do to you is apparently bore you to death.

01: Slay Belles

Three of the most annoying characters ever set out to rid the world of a child eating Krampus. You root for Krampus.


Honorable Mentions

Proof that nor all Tarantino rip-offs are bad.

Creative and packs a good story…Believe it or not.

10: The Strangers: Prey at Night

Prey at Night was nothing like The Strangers and I’m very happy with the fact.

09: Extremity

I don’t think anyone expected this one to be as solid as it is, but it’s worth watching for sure.

08: The House that Jack Built

Goes out of its way to shock and appall…I like it.

07: Halloween

While nowhere near perfect, it hits you where your nostalgic slasher loving heart is.

06: Monster Party

Blood and good characters drive this one from the depths of straight to disc hell.

05: Revenge

Great lead and very violent…just don’t think about logic too much.

04: The Endless

A trippy flick that is creative and very much worth seeing.

03: Summer ’84

Kind of like Stranger Things but with more balls behind it.

02: Terrifier

It makes one misstep that knocks it out of the top spot but still the best slasher in ages.

01: Incident at a Ghostland

One of the most well put together horror films in years that takes you on a rollercoaster of twists and turns…And it sadly has no North American Blu-ray.

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