The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Complete Series) (DVD REVIEW)

The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Complete Series) (DVD REVIEW)

The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Complete Series) (DVD REVIEW)

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The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Complete Series) (DVD REVIEW)
STARRING: Richard Greene, Victor Woolf, Archie Duncan
AVAILABLE FROM Mill Creek Entertainment

Richard Greene stars as the valiant swashbuckler Robin Hood who, with his band of Merry Men living in the shelter of Sherwood Forest, embarks on a quest to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Robin, Little John and the rest of the Merry Men fight their foes all while hoping for the return of their beloved King Richard to rule once again!

Do you have about 59 hours to spare? Well, if you do or just want to chip away at it, Mill Creek has released The complete series of The Adventures of Robin Hood on DVD! It also comes with the Mill Creek streaming digital copy as well so you can take the show on the go even if you don’t want to take with you the 11 disc box set as well. This is all 143 episodes of the 1938 series. This series starred Richard Greene as Robin Hood and Archie Duncan as Little John. It is also one of the more cult takes on the man who is famous for robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. It comes across as a little different than the Robin you are used to at times, but I still found the show watchable and a good way to kill some time if you at least like the character and want to see a different take on him. I can’t call it my favorite show or even my favorite Robin Hood show but it isn’t anywhere near awful and has a certain timeless charm to it regardless of how dated it is.

You don’t have any extras with this show, but that has to be understandable given the date of it and I’m sure materials are a little scarce. But I applaud Mill Creek for putting a show like this out for everyone to enjoy, as they seem to be becoming the kings of releasing TV shows in nice sets and this is just another nice addition to that growing lists of shows they have. I can see some people not being able to get into this version of Robin Hood, but if you like it you’ll find it to be full of some pretty cool stories and adventures as Robin Hood pretty much does everything at one time or another in this TV shows long run.


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