The Banana Splits Movie (2019) (BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW)

The Banana Splits Movie (2019) (BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW)

The Banana Splits Movie (2019) (BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW)

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The Banana Splits Movie (2019) (BLU-RAY/DVD REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Danishka Esterhazy
STARRING: Dani Kind, Steve Lund, Sara Canning

A boy named Harley and his family (brother Austin, mother Beth, and father Mitch) attends a taping of The Banana Splits TV show, which is supposed to be a fun-filled birthday for young Harley and business as usual for Rebecca, the producer of the series. But things take an unexpected turn — and the body count quickly rises. Can Harley, his mom and their new pals safely escape?

I wasn’t alive during the time The Banana Splits were on TV in the 70s but I don’t think that matters to be in on “the joke” of this slasher movie where the stars of the kid’s show start murdering people. Of course, they wig-out because they are robots and they just found out they were canceled and that’s enough to trigger them, so the fact they aren’t just people in the costumes does help with it. The script was apparently meant as a Five Nights at Freddy’s script before it got turned into this with these somewhat obscure TV characters tossed in to replace the other characters. I think that might work best here, as you never really know what will happen next here and it adds more of unpredictability to the movie. The Banana Splits aren’t as cool or out of left field of an idea as say a Barny going crazy, but with them being a show from long ago and a bit unknown to some, it makes for more of a safe choice for kid’s TV characters turned killers.

You get some cool kills here and while it isn’t an all-out gorefest, you do get some gruesome stuff to be seen here. It’s a horror-comedy at the end of the day, so you also get some neat stuff to laugh at to go along with the robots, kills, and the story of a family that is a bit blended together and not jelling very well with one another. The movie lays some groundwork to go from here, but I think this might be a good case for a “one and done”, as I think the movie is unique as it is. It gets in and gets out without wearing out its welcome or allowing its gimmick to wear thin. Another one might not get by that lucky. But for a one-shot slasher, as is, this one is pretty fun.


– Banana Splits: Behind the Horror
– Terror on Set
– Breaking News! The Banana Splits Massacre

Quality of Transfer: 98%

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