The Big F (2016) (DVD REVIEW)

The Big F (2016) (DVD REVIEW)

The Big F (2016) (DVD REVIEW)

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The Big F (2016) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Brian Papandrea
Starring: Adam Lorenz, Nathan Rumler, Mia Campbell
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

It’s Valentine’s Day and Bigfoot is on the loose and looking for a mate! Jenny is house sitting when her cousin convinces her to have a get-together. It’s not long after that Bigfoot enters the cul-de-sac, leaving the neighborhood residents to defend their street from the beast!

Bigfoot is horny and on the loose and that isn’t good for anyone that gets in his way or any women that laugh at him either. The Big F is a bit goofy and tries to cover up the shortcomings of the budget with some comedy. Okay, a lot of comedy. Some of which I did find funny and then there were some things that kind of missed the mark. Like when two girls have a full conversation just by looking at one another and making facial expressions. Still, I can appreciate the effort here and for the most part, the movie does manage to keep you entertained from start to finish for one reason or another, for better or for worse. If the best a movie like this can hope for is to keep you watching from start to finish, this one at least did that with me.

You might not think it off-hand, but a good Bigfoot movie is a very hard thing to come by. And while what we get with The Big F isn’t by any means great or a classic, it remains at least watchable and that is more than can be said for a big ol’ hunk of Bigfoot movies I have seen before. And trust me when I say I’ve seen a lot of Bigfoot movies. There’s a lot of goofy stuff here, there’s an alright looking Bigfoot, and we have some violence to top it all off. We even have a little T and A sprinkled on top of it all. The Big F is something you can watch if you just want something silly to watch. I expected that heading into it and got what I was looking for.


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