The Bloody Ape (1997) (DVD REVIEW)

The Bloody Ape (1997) (DVD REVIEW)

The Bloody Ape (1997) (DVD REVIEW)

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The Bloody Ape (1997) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Keith J. Crocker
STARRING: Salvatore Finkel, George Reis, Joe Zaso
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

A carnival barker frees his gorilla to exact revenge on his enemies, and the ape goes on a rampage of butchery in a small town. From maverick indy filmmaker Keith J. Crocker (Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69), THE BLOODY APE is a gore-soaked love letter to the grindhouse movie era, shot on glorious Super 8 film.

Shot in 8mm and blown up to a bigger size Keith J. Crocker gets all the praise in the world from me for making something that looks so much like a grindhouse movie from yesteryear. But just because you can play dress-up might not mean you can still fully play the part..or does it? If you have thin skin when it comes to race don’t bother watching as pretty much every race from jews to blacks are insulted in the opening 20 minutes alone. Not to mention that running joke of the Ape being mistaken for a black man and the very racist cop on the case (played by the director himself) runs through ever racist term in the book before the movie ends. One thing I can appreciate more than anything is the gore in this movie. We have heads being torn off, breast being torn off, even a hippie gets his penis torn off and those moments are pretty great, especially with the overall grindhouse look. And there are some funny moments in the movie as well..they may cause a gasp..but they will make you laugh.

The director also is pretty smart as I’m sure if one brings up the bad acting he could say, “Hey! It’s an exploitation movie what do you expect!?”. Well maybe so, but it is pretty bad. Also, I understand you make this with what you have to work with but there are scenes where people are cracking up, and I’m pretty sure the man behind the camera is laughing a few times as well…That should have been fixed in the editing room, my friend…I can look past the Ape being a man in an ape suit and I find that is funny…I can’t look past the editing. If you like the 70’s and exploitation you’ll find it funny I’m sure, but it’s still a bit of a let down when you get passed the great gore the movie does have. A lot of folks give this movie praise and I can see getting a kick out of it but not THAT big of a kick out of it. It’s good for a watch, it’s good for a laugh in some parts, but I don’t think you’ll find it good for repeat viewing.


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