The Girl in the Crawlspace (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

The Girl in the Crawlspace (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

The Girl in the Crawlspace (2018) (DVD REVIEW)

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The Girl in the Crawlspace (2018) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: John Oak Dalton
Starring: Tom Cherry, Joni Durian, John Bradley Hambrick
AVAILABLE FROM ITN Distribution/Mill Creek Entertainment

Jill escapes from a notorious serial killer who has kept her prisoner in a crawlspace. She tries to work her way back to normal with the help of a therapist, but becomes inserted into the therapist’s strained marriage with a failing screenwriter.

The Girl in the Crawlspace comes to us from director John Oak Dalton with his friend and fellow director Henrique Couto producing. It tells the story of a girl (Erin R. Ryan) who is traumatized after being found and freed from a killer’s crawlspace. A local girl and shrink moves back to town and while her and her husband have some ups and downs, she’s given the job of talking to the newly freed girl who is acting all sorts of weird. While acting can be questionable in indie movies like this, I found the acting to perhaps be the strongest part of this one. We don’t have any Oscar performances here but we do have some indie talent giving strong performances and some even have to work with being some interesting characters. The movie mostly builds on tension before turning to a more surreal presentation. Our girl from the crawlspace has some visions and we have to try to make sense of them before the movie tries to make sense of them. Some of this stuff won’t play as well with some.

The movie gets all sorts of weird as we head into it’s last act. You could even say things get too weird. We start to question what the traumatized girl did and didn’t see while she was locked up, we start to see some twists and turns as well. Some are okay but others seem to be a bit out of left field and not in a good kind of way. To be blunt with you, this movie tries to get a little too cute at the end and it kind of hurts things. They didn’t want to play it straight and I can understand that but the twists and turns just confuse more than make things all the more interesting. It’s still solid enough to give a watch, especially if you enjoy indie horror or thrillers, but it’s not going to be too memorable once you’ve seen it.


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