The Hidden (1993) (DVD REVIEW)

The Hidden (1993) (DVD REVIEW)

The Hidden (1993) (DVD REVIEW)

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The Hidden (1993) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Nathan Hill
STARRING: Simon Mosley, Daniel Rankin, Narelle Sinclair

A mysterious beast that lives in the storm drains beneath the city begins to hunt and feed on a drug cartel. An amazing retro release of an ultra-rare movie from 1993, shot on Video8! For Michael Wilcott, suicide would be a great solution to his problems. His parents were killed in a plane crash, and now his brother has been murdered. But instead of taking his own life he decides to seek out and kill the man responsible for his brother’s death. But little does he know that this man he seeks is the only person that can help him fulfill his destiny and uncover the rumors behind – the Hidden.

Well, it isn’t Pennywise but something is in the sewer! Making it even worse, this thing has a drug habit thanks to taking out someone that was holding. Yes, this is an over the top plot and it’s also a lost SOV (shot on video) film so that combination has to be something that makes you want to check it out as much as it made me want to check it out. The thing is here, while we do have a cool idea and I’m always a sucker for SOV, this one just doesn’t seem to ever really make the best use of the plot it has and it spends more time with unlikable character development than it does using the gimmick of a doped-up monster. The movie has its moments, but it just never does seem to have enough of those moments to really make it a shot on video classic.

But it is here from SRS Cinema with a brand new cover and it is remastered to look the best that a shot on video movie from the ’90s can look. So, if you want to give this one your own day in court you will at least be seeing this one in the best possible quality available. This one just didn’t live up to the hype for me and I find it a bit too slow. And I say that as a really big fan of bad movies, cheaply made movies, and shot on video movies. Releases like this are what make SRS Cinema as cool as it is and while you can get a whole selection of great shot on video movies from them, sadly The Hidden isn’t one of those. A great idea is wasted a bit here in this one, but the cover at least looks cool and if you collect SOV movies you’ll want to own it just for collection purposes.


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