The Keep (1983) (DVD REVIEW)

The Keep (1983) (DVD REVIEW)

The Keep (1983) (DVD REVIEW)

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The Keep (1983) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Michael Mann
Starring: Thais Buforn, Anarka de Ossorio, Albert Gammond
AVAILABLE FROM Via Vision Entertainment

Nazis are sent to guard an old, mysterious fortress in a Romanian pass. One of them mistakenly releases an unknown force trapped within the walls. A mysterious stranger senses this from his home in Greece and travels to the keep to vanquish the force. As soldiers are killed, a Jewish man and his daughter (who are both knowledgeable of the keep) are brought in to find out what is happening.

The Keep is one of those movies that people having been begging for on Blu-ray or heck even DVD. Having only been released on VHS and Laser Disc after being disowned by director Michael Mann due to his three plus hour film being cut down to a more normal hour and a half, this movie hadn’t hit a legit DVD release until now. Via Vision from Austrailia brings this movie to a legit DVD finally and it’s also region free and widescreen! So, now that we have that out of the way, how is it? Well, it’s pretty great. We watch soliders invade a keep and despite warnings from the locals they mess around in there and unleash something. This ends up with some of them dead and since they first think the locals are doing it we get a group of far worse soilders riding into town and that’s where the trouble really starts after that group’s leader starts demanding people for answers.

Despite the year, this movie packs in some pretty good effects. You wouldn’t think you’d see this type of stuff in 1983 but it’s here and it works. Tension builds, we try to figure out just who the bad guys really are, and we toss in a random stranger as a wild card into the whole plot. This movie might be disowned by the director and this is the cut version he didn’t like, but this movie is pretty darn good. It deals with a touchy history subject and adds in a very interesting horror and supernatural element to it all and I found myself extrmely interested in where this was all going to go. So, if you can’t wait for this to hit Blu-ray or at least come out in the states, this version is totally worth ordering from overseas and giving it a watch. You’ll be happy that you did.


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