The Killer: 4 Pack Vol.II (DVD Review)

The Killer: 4 Pack Vol.II (DVD Review)

The Killer: 4 Pack Vol.II (DVD Review)

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The Killer: 4 Pack Vol.II (DVD Review)
Rated: UR/Region: O/1:33/Number of disc: 1 (DVD-r)
Available from SGL Entertainment

Hellbilly (2003)
Directed By: Massimilano Cerchi
Starring: Beverly Lynne, Nick Armas, Michael Brazier

In a small town in Nevada, all Hell breaks loose when Billy, a disfigured hillbilly and direct result of incest between brother and sister decides to dismember anyone who gets in his way. This movie is the lost works from horror filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi and is now being released for the first time ever.


We are now entering the world of a shot on video horror film! Please leave overly high expectations and all logic at the door as you proceed into this. Our very short film opens up with a couple that consists of famous late-night cable TV favorite, Beverly Lynne, and some other guy. They pull off the side of the road for some hanky panky, but when the dude decides he has to pee, our killer shows up and he begins a process of stalking Lynne. The movie is clearly at different times trying to pad its self out a bit because as I said already, it is really short in length. The sad thing here is the movie pretty much blows its story load after just twenty minutes in and there isn’t anything left for our brooding neantheraul to do outside just randomly talk to a wooden dummy and kill random folks that just so happen to end up in his part of the backwoods. If we want to call them that because they aren’t THAT backwoodsy and if you like in an area like I do that becomes pretty obvious not long into this one. Then again, this is Nevada and I’m unsure what a backwoods styled killed dubbed the “Hellbilly” is doing in Nevada, to begin with.

But let us not totally give the idea that this movie isn’t fun, because it is at least that if nothing else. Shot on video horror films are a bit of a mixed bag, but they can be enjoyed just because of how crazy and crazy cheap they tend to be. There is some gore here that helps along the way, but you do kind of wish there was some form of logical plot and a bit more of a running time than we end up with here in Hellbilly. The teenager in me who use to stay up late and watch Cinemax has a soft spot for Beverly Lynne, so here being here is a bonus in my book. Plus she helps fill the nudity quota that I’m sure movies like this need to fill in order to get put out there. So, all that being said, the story isn’t THAT good, but if you like shot on video stuff you will at least have what comes with that going for you going into seeing this.

Hellinger (1997)
Directed By: Massimiliano Cerchi
Starring: Artie Richard, Shana Betz, James M. O’Donoghue

A fallen man of the cloth forever bound to the fires of Hell by a pact made with Satan is unleashed to torment humankind. It was 20 years ago that a young innocent named Melissa was discovered by her neighbors drenched in blood and driven to near-insanity by the evil that claimed her father, and even as an adult, the darkness of that fateful day still haunts her. Father Thomas Donaldson was a trusted clergyman who was loved by his flock, but when Father Donaldson began to question his faith and became obsessed with the idea of getting a glimpse of heaven, the deal he so arrogantly cut with Satan to fulfill his Earthly wish left him blinded and possessed by evil. Now the man once known as Father Donaldson has become Hellinger, an unstoppable demon with an unquenchable hunger for human souls and a special place in his black heart for the girl who now thinks he was a mere figment of her imagination.

Have you ever had to run to Walmart and get the cheaper brand of something? I believe they call it the “Better Value” brand? Well, Hellinger is the Better Value Brand of Hellraiser. We have a story somewhat in the same ballpark as Hellraiser’s Deader movie, we have a generic pinhead, and somehow despite all of this and the movie being shot on video, it remains watchable. Now don’t get wrong, this is a movie that will be an acquired taste for sure, but it remains entertaining even if it at times is entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Our leading lady probably isn’t the most likable and we have a cast of weirdos who seem to think they are way cooler than they really are, but even with that and a generic Pinhead type called Hellinger that is totally overacting (and making it look like he’s in pain doing so) the movie keeps you watching. It might be in that road kill on the side of the road type of way, but as long as you want to keep watching that is all that matters isn’t it? Hellinger isn’t going to win a lot of people over, but in the halls of shot on video movies, it should get some credit for the over the top nature and the gore.

Carnage Road: The Legend of Quiltface (2000)
Directed By: Massimiliano Cerchi
Starring: Dean Paul, Molinee Dawn, Sean Wing

Four students set out for the barren Nevada desert on a class photography assignment. They are soon confronted by a machete-wielding maniac known as Quiltface.

I had heard of this one going in but had never seen it before getting on this release. The movie packs all the things you’d want in a slasher. It had nudity, a cool killer wearing a mask, and it even had some so awkward it is entertaining acting to toss around on top of it. Still, the movie does have an overall lacking feeling and things tend to go pretty slow at times. There are some comedic moments that help bring things up a notch here and there, but it won’t be a movie for everyone. If you can appreciate the lower budget stuff out there, then you will at least say you had fun with this one for what it is. In all honesty, if you are going to compare this one to your usual horror flick then it probably won’t be on par. But if you want to just toss it in a bubble with a shot on video flicks, then you could say it really isn’t THAT bad and oddly enough seems like one that would actually have some re-watch value to it.

Holy Terror (2002)
Directed By: Massimiliano Cerchi
Starring: Beverly Lynne, Charlie David, Nick Armas

Possessed by a demon in life and forced to spend eternity doing the devils bidding in death, a malevolent nun returns to life to torment a young couple and their terrified friends in director Massimiliano Cerchi’s sacrilegious shocker. A young couple has just moved into their new rental home, and in order to properly break the place in they have invited over a small group of friends for an intimate housewarming party. Soon prompted to experiment with an Ouija board by their sinister landlord, the unassuming partiers inadvertently unleash the murderous spirit of a demonic nun whose evil is so powerful that it cannot be contained to the spiritual realm.

Holy Terror rounds this all out and it’s another short shot on video movie that might run 50 minutes before the credits roll. This one deals with possesion with a cool looking demon, but most of the movie is spent showing Beverly Lynne again running around half naked and often times naked. Nothing wrong with seeing 2002 Beverly Lynne naked, but that often ends up being the whole point of this one. Things love slowly and we really don’t have people start getting killed until nearly the end of it, but you can’t hate on it too much due to the hot Lynne and the cool looking demon. Maybe if we could have mixed a little more gore and cool looking demons into the mix we’d have had a better overall result. It might not be the worst thing ever if you just toss it in with the killer Nun movies of the world, but the competition isn’t really all that high there.

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