The Manitou (1978) (Blu-ray Review)

The Manitou (1978) (Blu-ray Review)

The Manitou (1978) (Blu-ray Review)

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The Manitou (1978) (Blu-ray Review)
DIRECTED BY: William Girdler
STARRING: Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara, Susan Strasberg

What surgeons thought to be a tumor growing on the neck of patient Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) is actually a fetus growing at an abnormally accelerated rate. But when Karen reaches out to former lover and phony psychic Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis), she discovers that she is possessed by the reincarnation of a 400-year-old Native American demon. Now with the help of a modern-day medicine man (Michael Ansara), Erskine must survive this ancient evil’s rampage of shocking violence and forever destroy the enraged beast known as The Manitou.

Things get super strange rather quickly in 1978’s The Manitou. A woman has a growing lump on the back of her neck that looks like it could be some THING. So she goes for help from her fake psychic friend who in return has to seek help from a medicine man later on as things go deeper and deeper into the path of strange. I can’t help but question what type of mental state one must be in to come up with something as weird and wild as The Manitou but I feel acid and other brain influences had to have played a part in it all. One thing is for sure, I can’t think of a dull time in the movie and as they try harder and harder to fix what is going on it just opens things up to get all the more crazy along the way. It’s very much a late 70’s movie and the last act invokes a level of trippy-ness that even some movies like Tommy would have to tip their hats too.

I can’t sit here and try to tell you that I was always making sense of what was going down on the screen in this one. I can tell you it’s half possession movie half mind trip, but it does add some drama and some tense moments to the situation along the way. You know a lot of movies from this time can seem pretty dated but this one still stays fresh just by the result of seemingly tossing everything that they can at the plot and making it work. The movie looks a little dated in HD but I still would say the transfer isn’t one many will be complaining about. You also get a new audio commentary and some new interviews to round out this strange movie that has hit the ranks of Scream Factory. If you like your horror a little on the weird side of things you should like this.


– NEW 4K Scan Of The Original Film Elements
– NEW Restored Stereo Soundtrack
– NEW Interview With Author Graham Masterson
– NEW Producing Girdler – An Interview With Executive Producer David Sheldon
– NEW Audio Commentary With Film Historian Troy Howarth
– Original Theatrical Trailer
– Original TV Spots
– Still Gallery

Quality of Transfer: 91%

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