The Teenage Slasher Movie Book Might Be The Best Slasher Book Ever Written (Books)

The Teenage Slasher Movie Book Might Be The Best Slasher Book Ever Written (Books)

The Teenage Slasher Movie Book Might Be The Best Slasher Book Ever Written (Books)

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While this book seems to have hit the shelves with several different names, the quality of what is inside this book doesn’t change. No matter if you want to call it Teenage Wasteland: The Slasher Movie Uncut, The Slasher Movie Book, or what it is called in this release, The Teenage Slasher Movie Book, 2nd Revised, and Expanded Edition, this is a must-own for anyone who loves slasher movies.

Anything you want to know about the sub-genre known as “slashers” is covered here in this book. From the early days to what you grew to relate to the subject the most and beyond. So anything from the earliest form to the purest form is here. And while it might not be a make or break thing for the most of you, the book is in all color and has lots of pictures, including movie poster art. I love reading books that are interesting as this one, but I enjoy a good picture selection as well. This one has the best of both worlds. This is a book that doesn’t just stop at telling you about the American slasher, it tells us of all the same types of movies from around the world. Name me another book on this subject that deep dives that far into it?

Now if you owned this book before you might be asking yourself why would you want to go out and re-buy it? Well, this one adds more to what was already there before. All the great info that was there before it still here. But this time it also expands by moving things up a few years and covering slashers and the time period for them that weren’t covered originally. This time it even expands into such things as the recent Scream TV show, the most recent Halloween film, and the Friday the 13th video game.

Author J. A. Kerswell does a fine job of taking a book that was already perfect in my eyes and adding even more to it to make it even better. It packs lots of cool information and reviews. It also is one of the best-looking books for the genre I can remember. So go out now and pick this one up wherever you can find it from CompanionHouse Books. It is 224 pages of pure slasher awesomeness.

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