The Twilight Zone: Season One (2019) (Blu-ray Review)

The Twilight Zone: Season One (2019) (Blu-ray Review)

The Twilight Zone: Season One (2019) (Blu-ray Review)

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The Twilight Zone: Season One (2019) (Blu-ray Review)
Starring: Jordan Peele, Zazie Beetz, John Cho
Rated: UR/Region A/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 5
Available from Paramount Pictures

Enter another dimension with Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg’s modern take on the all-time classic. Hosted by Academy Award and Emmy Award winner Jordan Peele, each of these ten Season One episodes of the CBS All Access Original Series is its own mesmerizing, mind-bending journey into another dimension. Featuring contemporary, socially conscious storytelling, this anthology includes standout cast members.

Being a long time fan of The Twilight Zone and owning every version of it that has come to DVD and Blu-ray, it goes without saying I was excited for the new series. Being created with the help of Jordan Peele and with Peele taking over the Rob Sterling role in this new series, I found the new Twilight Zone to mostly be good. I don’t think we can ever top the original, especially when it comes to something as cool as the original Twilight Zone, but this show isn’t bad and might even easily top the last incarnation of the show. Also, adding in the bonus on this Blu-ray to allow you to be able to watch it in black and white like the classic version doesn’t hurt things either. While people these days love their color and for good reason, I think a show like The Twilight Zone almost has to be black and white regardless of the time it’s being made. That’s just part of what the show is for one reason or another.

And you get a lot to take in with this series. All in all, you get tweleve episodes and like the old show you will certainly be seeing some faces you know pretty well. People like John Cho, Steven Yeun, and Tracy Morgan just to name a few have their own spots in their own episodes and you just never know who you’ll see. While I can’t say every single episode is a home run, I do think you’ll love the good ones and when you see the show you’ll know which ones I’m talking about. We have far more good than we do bad here and that’s a good thing as I believe we are getting another season of this show. Some stories I’m sure you’ll notice that you’ve seen before. I’ve always been a sucker for anthology horror shows so this one done a lot for me in more than just a nostalgic way. While it might not be a classic like the original, it isn’t too bad and I think you guys will enjoy it a lot.


  • Episodic Promos
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Extended Scenes
  • Music Video
  • Audio Commentaries for Certain Episodes
  • Remembering Rod Serling
  • Gag Reel
  • Crossing Over: Living in the Twilight Zone
  • Black and White Versions of the Episodes

Quality of Transfer: 97%

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