Titans: The Complete First Season (2018) (Blu-ray Review)

Titans: The Complete First Season (2018) (Blu-ray Review)

Titans: The Complete First Season (2018) (Blu-ray Review)

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Titans: The Complete First Season (2018) (Blu-ray Review)
Starring: Teagan Croft, Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop
Rated: UR/Region A/1:78/1080p/Number of Discs 2
Available from Warner Bros.

Titans follows a group of young soon-to-be Super Heroes from across the world of DC as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Former Gotham City vigilante Dick Grayson and Rachel Roth, a special young girl possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could unleash Hell on Earth. Joining them in their quest are the mysterious Starfire and loveable Beast Boy. Together they become a surrogate family and team of heroes while battling villains, demonic forces … and encountering familiar faces from across DC’s legendary canon.

The first season of Titans picks up where stuff like DC’s Batman vs Superman left off with the darker tone. This is a show that is very much an R-rated affair with people being shot in the head and beaten to bloody pulps. This sort of stuff happens a lot and we have some F-bombs dropped as well as Titans want you to know really quickly that this isn’t your usual friendly DC Universe show. This, of course, takes place in the extended universe and finally brings to the screen some Titans characters that people have up until now only seen in an animated form or in the pages of a comic book. It’s cool seeing stuff like that and it’s also cool to see an actual likable and relatable version of Nightwing and Robin on the screen, but you do wish some times they had stuck more in the realm of the world we’re used to. And you also kind of wish in these thirteen episodes that they didn’t take as long to really get things going out of the gate.

Along with the highlights of the season is the introduction of the Doom Patrol. This is a group that people seem to like already and for good reason. They’ve already got their own show and this intro to them feels like a good reason for it. The whole Batman element involved in this show is also a good thing for the show as you really understand how big of a deal The Dark Knight is and his issues with our lead hero here are the best driving force this show has to offer up to viewers. If you liked stuff like Krypton you should like this but understand that it is also a very different show than that one and a lot different than other Batman-inspired stuff like Gotham. Still, if you want something darker and different Titans is at least that.


– Raven and Robin Dark Rebirth (new featurette)
– The Story of Titans
– The Characters of Titans
– The Making of Titans
– Dick Grayson’s and Rachel Roth’s Dark Past
– A look at vigilantes Hawk and Dove
– The identity of Titans Kory Anders/Starfire
– Gar Logan’s Journey
– Rachel’s Powers


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