Ultraman: The Complete Series (Steelbook) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Ultraman: The Complete Series (Steelbook) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Ultraman: The Complete Series (Steelbook) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Ultraman: The Complete Series (Steelbook) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Akio Jissoji
STARRING: Akihiko Hirata, Susumu Kurobe
AVAILABLE FROM Mill Creek Entertainment

ULTRAMAN, a giant alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M78, enters Earth’s atmosphere in pursuit of an escaped space monster. In the skies above Japan he accidentally crashes into a Jet VTOL piloted by Hayata, a member of the Science Special Search Party (SSSP), an international research and defense agency that protects the world from monsters and aliens of all shapes and sizes. To save Hayata, Ultraman merges his life force with the dying human and vows to stay and fight for peace on Earth. Now, whenever the Patrol faces a threat too great for them to handle, Hayata transforms into Ultraman to save the day! ULTRAMAN was Tsuburaya Productions’ first color series, a sci-fi action adventure drama that dominated the ratings during its initial 1966-67 broadcast run in Japan. The show was quickly licensed for release in America, airing in syndication for nearly two decades. Colorful, fast-paced, and packed with memorable heroes, creatures and incredible special effects, ULTRAMAN was the foundation for a phenomena that continues to this day.

It’s like a combination of Godzilla and Power Rangers in Ultra Man! A nice fast-pace sci-fi action trip that packs a lot of fun unto 6 discs! This is the second series of the “Ultra” series but this is the one that brings us the classic character of Ultra Man! One of the coolest heroes you’ll find out there if I am to say so myself. You probably have to be a big fan of giant monster Japanese movies to really enjoy a show like this but if you do (and I do) then you’ll have a lot of fun with this show and its one you’ll want to add to your collection. I’m not saying every show is great but every episode is a lot solid and keeps you wanting to watch. It also helps that it never gets dull. I’m big when it comes to the pace of a show and this one does that really well.

I had this show on DVD and I think this is a much better version of it if you’ve only seen it that way. This is a much clearer and better-looking presentation all around. The one real complaint (and only one) I’ve seen anyone ever really have with this is the lack of English dub, which can always be fun on its own. I’d have liked to have had that as well but I can be happy with just having this show on Blu-ray in this type of release and looking this good. Ultra Man is a cool show and if you’ve never seen it before, you should for sure check it out.


– Complete, original Japanese broadcast edits – fully remastered and restored in HD
– Lossless DTS-HD Master Audio
– 28-page collectible booklet
– Digital Redemption on movieSPREE!


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