Uncle Peckerhead (2020) (Blu-ray Review)

Uncle Peckerhead (2020) (Blu-ray Review)

Uncle Peckerhead (2020) (Blu-ray Review)

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Uncle Peckerhead (2020) (Blu-ray Review)
Directed By: Matthew John Lawrence
Starring: David Bluvband, Adam R. Brown, Ryan Conrath
Rated: UR/Region O/2.35/1080p/Number of Discs 1
Available from Epic Pictures/Dread

In this new movie from Epic Pictures and Dread, terror strikes when a man-eating roadie joins a bassist and her punk-rock band on their first tour. The results are punk-rock, comedy, and lots of blood!

2020 isn’t a total bust, folks! And I can safely say that because I saw a new horror movie from 2020 called Uncle Peckerhead!! As the name would probably lead you to believe, this isn’t a full-on horror movie. This is a horror-comedy but it’s a horror-comedy that is actually funny and as a result that makes this one pretty darn solid. It also doesn’t hurt that this one is covered with blood and some other gross gags that would make the folks of Tromavile happy. We join a band called “Duh” here as they are trying to make their big break. The only trouble is that they have run into some bad luck and don’t have a van to make their little tour. A tour that is leading back to their home town for the big show. The help they think they need comes in the form of a man that tells them to call him Uncle Peckerhead. And, well, Uncle Peckerhead had a pretty big problem.

Ol’ Peck, as he insists they call him, turns into a flesh-eating demon every night for a total of twelve minutes. He says he’s in control and he says he’s taking some pretty serious drugs to help keep himself knocked out in order to keep that all in control, but the lead of the band suspects that he might be coming forth fully honest with them and that’s the drama of the movie. Well, other than the fact that Peckerhead is leaving a trail of bodies along the way on this tour. Uncle Peckerhead is one of the more fun movies I’ve seen this year and I’m a big fan of gore, so I’m happy that this one doesn’t shy away from tossing it at us during this thing. The acting is good, the story elements are a little random but funny, and when you add it all up it oddly works out pretty well.


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Quality of Transfer: 98%

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