Walmart Has Placed The Corps Elite Figures on Clearance.

Walmart Has Placed The Corps Elite Figures on Clearance.

Walmart Has Placed The Corps Elite Figures on Clearance.

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Anyone who grew up at the later portion of the ’80s and the ’90s knows what The Corps figures are. They started out as basically a cheaper G.I. Joe rip-off but somehow are still going and in Wal-Mart while G.I. Joe can’t be seen anywhere. The latest Corps figures are pretty ridiculous putting the figures from the previous lines out there once again on Dinosaurs. So, in order to clear the racks for them Walmart tossed the last line, The Corps Elite figures, on the ol’ clearance line. I got all you see below here for basically $12.

These things are and always have been made by Lanard Toys. Many of which are often repainted and used in their Scull Island and Rampage lines, although the later has a cool figure of The Rock. I’ll admit right off the bat that the old school ones had better characters with Ninjas, Mad Max styled punks, other people that looked like they came from science fiction movies. The newer lines keep it pretty basic with the bad guy (known here at the Curse) looking a lot cooler overall. For some odd reason, the good guys are kind of just normal looking soldiers for the most part. That being said, let’s use the help of The Corps official website and sort these dudes out. A little warning ahead of time, I opened these before I did this article so some of the weapons might be misplaced. Heck, it’s a small miracle I still have some of them with the size they are.


These things seem to come in different groups and variations, but one of the more bargain based deals out there is one that gives you three figures in each set. Let’s dive into those first.



Right off the bat, we have a former member of The Corps that is now with The Curse based on a misunderstanding according to his bio. He looks pretty cool and is apparently an older figure in the line going by how he still has some of the last gen articulation.


Reaper looks cool enough (as most bad guys do), but he’s one of the most un-moveable figures in the set. He’s stuck in a shooting pose and I know I’ve seen a repainted version of him in a Rampage toy set before. I guess he’s more for posing then playing.


As you’ll learn later on here, Rucker used to be the lead of The Corps before he stepped aside and let someone else have that honor. So in a lot of ways, the dude here is a quitter. Oh, and his former best friend is now apparently the leader of The Curse as well.

Set 2


Titan here works for The Curse and apparently has some sort of diamond mining deal going on. If nothing else this shows that someone put way too much thought into the bios for these things. One of the cooler parts of this figure is the fact that his mask does come off if you want it to. He also is a bit old style as well. A common theme for these that come three to a pack.


Recoil here serves the purpose of giving us a good guy in this awful stuck pose that I’m sure has no other purpose than to just add a very cheaply made figure to these three packs just so they call them a deal.


Condor might be the coolest good guy you can get here and he kind of reminds me a bit of some of the more old school Corps figures. Making him even cooler is he can connect with the big helicopter prop that comes in the set.


And of course, here are the cheap single figure releases.


Kicking off the solo figures is Rain. He’s the “Duke” of these things apparently (meaning he’s the leader of the good guys). This ol’ boy was a vigilante before The Corpse was able to talk him into joining the team. He replaced the old leader “Rucker” who stepped down. This also makes me question what happened to the old guys from the 90’s sets and why they don’t modernize some of them?


Here’s the big baddie of the set and if you could’t tell by the style he’s one of the older figures here. This is another case of a good guy who went bad, as he used to be in The Corps and was called Shadow. Had he been a ninja I’d have said they were probably ripping off the whole Storm Shadow thing here.


With an outfit that makes these guys lucky Marvel Comics hasn’t sued them comes Ogre (Not to be confused for Orge). Apparently, he has a brother called Troll. I guess some of these names could be results of drawing names out of a hat or other random acts at the office these things are created in.


Bolder’s figure looks a whole heck of a lot like WWE wrestler Cesaro and he comes with a nightstick! That alone makes him one of the better heroes in this set. The other most interesting thing about this figure is the package art for him strikes a very strong resemblence to the headshot of an actor friend of mine Patrick Ryan.



Diesel here has a pic on the package that makes him look like a lushious blonde pretty boy but the head on the actual figure makes him look more like the dude who recently went nuts in a Gamestop over being called a sir.


This extremely friendly looking son of a bitch is called Spade and he looks awfully cherry to be missing an eye. Oddly enough, he’s not even on the offical site anymore and I had to google his name to find out anything about him. The figure has been around in some form or another since 2011 (as I’m sure a lot of these has been).

I don’t mind these figures myself and due to my history with them, I do have a soft spot for them. If you have kids this is a good way to get lots of figures for a cheap price, even if it is sort of hard for a kid to not lose the small weapons. This set here isn’t bad and I do wish I at least had the two female figures in the set. If you want these you might want to hurry due to most Walmarts seemingly moving them out for the mentioned dinosaur ones. But you could probably still find these at such places as Ollies if you are really hurting for them.

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