Warning Signs (1985) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Warning Signs (1985) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Warning Signs (1985) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

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Warning Signs (1985) (BLU-RAY REVIEW)
DIRECTED BY: Hal Barwood
STARRING: Sam Waterston, Kathleen Quinlan, Yaphet Kotto

In the rolling Utah countryside, a small town is host to a fortress-like research facility, which the townspeople believe is developing new advancements in agriculture. But deep within is a top-secret project to create a bioweapon that turns anyone exposed to it into a raging, psychotic killer. When the unthinkable happens and the facility is locked down, Sheriff Cal Morse (Sam Waterston, Serial Mom) must choose between keeping the town safe and rescuing his wife Joanie (Kathleen Quinlan, Twilight Zone: The Movie), who is trapped inside. But for Major Connolly (Yaphet Kotto, Alien), there is only one remorseless solution: contain the deadly virus … at all costs.

Scream Factory brings us Warning Signs on Blu-ray! A movie that shows what happens when people handling very dangerous viruses are careless and don’t follow protocol. That’s probably what makes this one work as well as it does, this is something that could happen if people handling such things were as careless as the folks we have here. So basically a virus gets free and starts wreaking havoc. This keeps the action locked inside the plant while some stuff happens on the outside. Mostly the poor security guards husband trying to get his wife help and having to deal with crazy town folks, the government, and ultimately a former employee who might just be the only hope of the film. One thing I like about this one deals with a virus that causes people to act in a mob mentality and go into a rage. The movie accepts this infected aspect of things and doesn’t even try to pretend its a zombie flick, which I can respect. As an infected movie, it isn’t perfect, but it still manages to get the entertaining job done.

All things considered, this isn’t The Crazies by any means, but it works given what the movie and the story has to work with. We have some tense moments, we have some shockingly well-written characters, and the rest…well, the rest is what makes this one fit more into the midnight movie category but that isn’t what I’d call a bad thing either. Scream Factory has it looking pretty solid here in HD and it comes with a couple brand new interviews with the director and the producer. It isn’t anything groundbreaking by any means but it is a movie that a label like Scream Factory was created for and a lot of people might be seeing here for the first time and realizing like I did that it isn’t perfect, but it isn’t that bad either.


– NEW Interview With Director/Co-Writer Hal Barwood
– NEW Interview With Producer Jim Bloom
– Audio Commentary With Hal Barwood
– Theatrical Trailer
– Original TV Spot
– Still Gallery

Quality of Transfer: 91%

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