Weed Wolf (2011) (DVD REVIEW)

Weed Wolf (2011) (DVD REVIEW)

Weed Wolf (2011) (DVD REVIEW)

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Weed Wolf (2011) (DVD REVIEW)
Directed By: Calvin Hall
STARRING: E. Lee Smith, A.J. Germaine, Phillip Tolle
AVAILABLE FROM Wild Eye Releasing

The residents of small-town Normal, Texas find themselves threatened by a mysterious werewolf who likes to eat stoners. All that stands in the way of total mayhem is Grass County Sheriff Hardwood, his son, Bumper, and his deputy, Rodriguez. They’ll find some help from Mary Jane, hippies, survivalists, and even a sasquatch.

Where does one start when talking about Weed Wolf? Well, for one, Weed Wolf wasn’t for someone like me. Meaning that the movie isn’t really directed at people who don’t spend their time puffing on the magic dragon. It should also come as no surprise that the wolf on the DVD cover looks nothing like the actual wolf we see in the movie. The Werewolf we see in the movie is a dude in a Halloween shop wolf mask. The characters are all over the top and stoners. The movie is made to look like some old school grindhouse movie and while I will admit there are a few moments that can make you chuckle and the tunes in the movie aren’t too bad, there is no way on God’s green Earth that this movie needed to be near two hours long. That was a bit of overkill when this should have probably been wrapped up in 70 minutes tops.

This movie has a very weird hit and miss sense of humor. It goes all over the place trying to focus on the simple plot of people trying to catch a pot-smoking Werewolf that is killing people off in a small town. We mainly focus on a stoner sheriff and his dimwitted son who seems a bit on the “special” side and insists that he isn’t officially on the case when he is. We encounter a large number of over the top or full on gimmick characters and it wasn’t that much fun for me. Then again, I wasn’t high and I won’t be getting high so I guess this movie will only be a hit with those certain states that allow such activities or some hippie-type horror lovers that are seeking out indie stoner flicks.


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