Zombie Sports Games

Zombie Sports Games

Zombie Sports Games

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With the popularity of zombies and sports in today’s world, you can’t help but ponder on what might come in the future if zombies ever did become a real thing. Sure, the first reaction to zombies would be panic and fear but like everything else, it would soon become a way of life and then soon after people would find a way to make money on it. That would probably come in the way of mixing both zombie and sport.

You could do this in a number of ways. You could do it reality show style by turning people loose on an area overrun by zombies. They could then take bets on who would last the longest, who would kill the most zombies in their path to the finish line, or simple who would be able to collect the most markers that are also randomly hidden in these zombie-infested areas. It could be like horse racing. Or, you never know, maybe you could have zombie races where they see who can shamble to the finish line first by holding out brains ahead of them to make them move. People could see who could shoot the most zombies in the head the fastest and place bets on that as well.

The possibilities could be endless when you take into account the need to push the limits of science and the need to make money. We could see whole leagues of sports teams made up of recently deceased or reanimated ballplayers who have been trained to still play the sports they were made famous in. It might be a little tricky at first but they could train them just like in the classic Day of the Dead film with the character of Bub to once again do what they were once familiar with.

So no matter if they are betting on which zombie can eat the farm animal quicker or perhaps just watching someone run through a whole zone full of zombies, hitting headshots along the way in order to reach the finish line and win, zombies have potential in a futuristic world where they are as common on sheep to be used to add to the fullest in forms of entertainment that take place away from being a fantasy show on TV, they can be just as much of an American pastime as Football. Heck, they could even replace that pastime by being a whole genre of sport themselves.

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